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Kings of the Isles
A Pre-Conquest Listing

The Kings of the Isles

Somerled 1158-1164
Dugald 1164-c.1192 (joint)
Ragnald 1164-c.1210 (joint)
Donald I c.1210-1230
Uspak 1230
Dugald Screech 1230-1235 (joint)
Duncan 1230-1248 (joint)
Ewen Mac Dougall 1248-1249
Dugald Mac Ruari 1249-1266

Lords of the Isles under Scottish Rule

Angus Mor the Elder 1266-1296
Alexander I 126-1299
Angus Og the Younger 1299-1330
John I 1330-1387
Donald II 1387-1423
Alexander II 1423-1449
John II 1449-1493

Scottish Rule 1493-1545

Donald Dubh the Black 1545

The Lordship of the Isles finally merged with the Scottish Crown in 1545. The title is currently held by the heir to the British throne.


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