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Norse Kings of Man
A Pre-Conquest Listing

Hiberno-Norse Lords of the Hebrides

Godfred mac Fergus c.836-853

Sub-Kings under Norse Dublin Rule

Caitill Find Tryggvi c.870-c.880
Asbjorn Skerjablesi c.880-899

Disputed between the Norse Dublin and York Rule 899-914

Direct Norse York Rule 914-921

Sub-Kings under Norse Kings of Dublin & York

Gibhleachan 921-937
Mac Ragnall 937-942

Sub-Kings under Norse Dublin Rule

Magnus I 972-978
Godfred I 978-989

Sub-Kings under Orcadian Rule

Harald I 989-999
Godfred II 999-c.1000
Ragnald I Godfredson c.1000-1005
Kenneth Godfredson 1005-c.1014

Sub-Kings under Norse Dublin Rule

Swein Kennethson c.1014-1034
Harald II Svarte the Black c.1034-1052
Margad Rganallson 1052-1061
Murchaid mac Diarmait 1061-1070
Fingal Gofredson 1070-1079

Norse Kings of Man & the Isles

Godfred IV Crovan 1079-1095
Magnus II Barfod Barelegs 1095-1102
Lagman 1102-1104
Sigurd 1104-1130
Domnall mac Teige 1114-1115
Murchadh O'Brian 1115-1137
Olaf I Bitling the Red 1137-1153
Godfred V the Black 1153-1158
Somerled 1158-1164

In 1164 the Isles broke away from Man and became an independent Kingdom

Norse Kings of Man

Godfred V the Black (again) 1164
Ragnald 1164
Godfred V the Black (again) 1164-1187
Ragnald 1187-1229
Olaf II Odhar the Black 1229-1237
Harald 1237-1248
Ragnald 1248-1249
Harald 1249-1250
Ivarr 1250-1252
Magnus III 1252-1265

Scottish Rule 1265-1275

Norse King of Man

Godfred Magnuson 1275

Scottish Rule 1275-1290
English Rule 1290-1293
Scottish Rule 1293-1296
English Rule 1296-1313
Scottish Rule 1313
Disputed Rule 1313-1333

In 1333, King Edward III of England established his own dynasty of English 'Kings of Man'.


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