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Kings of Sussex
A Pre-Conquest Listing

The Kings of Sussex remain obscure and few of their names are known. Some were independent; some were sub-Kings under the rule of Mercia or Wessex; others, it has been suggested, were only regional rulers, the Kingdom being divided into at least two divisions as it remains today.

Kings of Sussex

Aella 477-514
Cissa 514-?
Aethelwalh ?-685
Bertun 685-686 (joint)
Andhun 685-? (joint)
Caedwalla 686-688

Kings in Sussex

Wattus ?-692
Nothelm 692-c.714
Athelstan c.714-c.720
Nunna c.720-725 (possibly the same as Nothelm)
Athelbert 725-c.750
Osmund 758-772

Dukes in Sussex

Eldwulf 765-c.791 (joint)
Elfwald c.772 (joint)
Oswald c.772 (joint)
Oslac c.772 (joint)


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