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Excalibur in Brittany

The Lake of Comper adjoins the castle of the same name at the centre of the ancient Forest of Brocéliande, mentioned so often in the Tales of King Arthur. Brittany's claim to contain the home of the Lady of the Lake is highly persuasive, for what better place than Vivian's Lake as L'Etang de Comper it sometimes known. The Lady's associations with the surrounding area are strong. Just to the west stands La Fontaine de Barenton where she first met Merddyn (Merlin) the Magician, and her house, L'Hotié de Vivian (an ancient cromlech), is not far away. King Arthur's sword, Excalibur, hailed from Vivian's Lake and it was eventually returned there by Bedwyr after the fateful Battle of Camlann, though there do not appear to be any local candidates for the battle-site. The, now swordless, King Arthur was removed to the Isle of Avalon to be healed of his wounds. The Bretons will tell you that this was the Ile Daval, on the Domnonian Coast, a little to the North.


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