Interview with Geoffrey Ashe
An interview with the man who popularized King Arthur in the late 20th century.
Quest for Arthur
Geoffrey Ashe gives an introduction to King Arthur and his personal search for the man behind the legend.
Magical Glastonbury
Geoffrey Ashe takes a look at the magical draw of Glastonbury and the aspects of its history that have made it important to so many people.
Adventus Saxonum
Michael Veprauskas explores how the Saxons really managed to create a foothold in Britain.
Arthurian Inscription found at Tintagel
Deatils of the 'Artognou Stone' excavated at Tintagel Castle by Glasgow University.
Battling with Arthur
David H.R. Sims takes a close look at King Arthur and his Battles.
Brittany: Many Kingdoms or One?
Jean-Michel Pognat's contraversial attempt to establish an Historical King-List.
Children of Brychan Brycheiniog: The Sources
Listing of all of King Brychan's children and where their details were originally recorded.
Clerical Portrait of Vortigern?
Michael Veprauskas examines the usurper, Vortigern, and how ancient records portray him.
Generations of Ambrosius
The controversial character, Ambrosius: One man or two? Michael Veprauskas investigates.
Gildas the Monk & Maelgwn the Murderer
David H.R. Sims takes a look at these two important sub-Roman characters.
Glastening: Dynastic Origins
David Nash Ford's Theory concerning Somerset's Celtic Kings.
Joseph of Arimathea: Ancestor of Kings
Was St. Joseph really the forebear of so many early British monarchs?
Nennius' 28 Cities of Britain
David Nash Ford examines the archaeological evidence for Nennius' famous list.
Problem of Caer Guorthigern
Caer Guorthigern has been identified at so many sites. Michael Veprauskas suggests why.
Roman & Dark Age York
An extensive history of the Capital of the North by Brenda Ralph Lewis & David Nash Ford.
Troubles with Vortigerns
What do we really know about the man who invited in the Saxons? David Sims investigates.
What's in  a Name?
Michael Veprauskas examines Roman names and how they may have survived.
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