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Anllech, King of Ynys Manaw
(Born c.AD 590)
(Welsh: Anllach; Latin: Anlacus; English: Anleck)

Anllech was the son of King Tutgual map Rhun and great grandson of King Neithon who first established the British monarchy of Manaw. A mighty war raged on the mainland, during his reign, between Kings Cadwallon of Gwynedd and Edwin of Northumbria. Despite his people's apparent insular safety, though, Anllech's kingdom was not to be left remote from the troubles. In AD 626, Edwin invaded with a vast army and completely overran the island. He used it as a stepping stone to conquer Anglesey and thence on to the rest of Gwynedd. The occupation didn't last that long. Within seven years, Edwin was dead and Anllech restored. Upon his death, his son, Cynin, took the throne.


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