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Belinant, King of Sugales
Arthurian Literary Character

Belinant (or Celinant) was the King of Sugales, Lindesores & the Narrow Borderlands. He lived at White Castle with his beautiful wife, Queen Eglantine, and his son, Taurian the Wild. He may have had another son, Sir Polidamas, but was certainly father of Sir Dodinel by his own niece, the Lady of Malehaut, perhaps a daughter of his brother, King Cradelmant of Norgales. At the beginning of King Arthur's reign, his kingdom was invaded by Saxons and he allied himself with the rebel kings in order to expel them. He was thus obliged to fight against Arthur at the Battle of Clarence. The great monarch was victorious and he joined with his former enemies to rid the German invaders from Britain once and for all. King Belinant later helped in his overlord's war against Imperial Rome, commanding one of his battalions. He later helped his brother, Sir Bliant, look after Sir Lancelot when he was roaming the forests of Britain in a mad frenzy.

Historically speaking, he ought to be a brother of King Cadwallon Lawhir of Gwynedd who lived in the late 5th century, but his name suggests he is based upon the latter's great grandson, King Beli ap Rhun.


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