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Sir Bran de Lis
Arthurian Literary Character

Sir Bran de Lis - more properly Bran d'Iles, but often conflated as Brandelis - was the son of (Gilbert of) Norroiz and the brother of Gymaoure and Tyrry. His father's name suggests he was from the north of England. Sir Gawain had an affair with his sister, Guilorete, and the two had two sons together. This led to Gawain slaying the lady's father and two of her brothers in combat, but a similar challenge by Bran was postponed because of his wounds. When they at last met five years later, Lionel, Gawain's young son and Bran's newphew, tried to stop the proceedings, but the fight continued until King Arthur intervened and brought a halt to matters. Sir Gawain and Bran then became friends. Sir Bran fought in the wars against the Gaulish King Claudas and the Northern invasion of King Galehaut of Sorelais, as well as taking part in the Grail Quest. He helped Sir Erec to slay Montenart of the Isle Reposte and went in search of Sir Lancelot, but other adventures were not so successful, and often ended in imprisonment - as with Sir Turquine or Lord Thoas - until rescued by Gaheris or Lancelot. On the other hand, Sir Bran did manage, with Merlin's help, to free Claris' friend, Laris, from the Danish Royal prison. He died fighting for King Arthur at the final Battle of Camlann.

There seem to have been two Arthurian characters based on that of the historical King Bran Hen of Bryneich (Northumberland), one good and one bad. Sir Bran de Lis (or d'Iles) was King Arthur's follower. Sir Brian of the Isles was his enemy. The 'Isles' of both titles would be the Farne Islands. 

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