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Sir Carados, King of Scotland
Arthurian Literary Character

Sir Carados seems to have developed from Ceretic, the historic King of Elmet (West Yorkshire) who lived about a hundred years after the great King Arthur. The Arthurian story-tellers appear to have only known that he was from the North and hence transformed him into a 'King of Scotland'. Some writers made better attempts, calling him 'King of Estrangorre' (probably South Rheged - Lancashire & Cheshire) or 'King of Galencie' (probably Galloway). Historically speaking, he was the son of King Gwallawc the Battle Horseman of Elmet and would have grown up in the city of Campoduno (Leeds). Upon inheriting his fatherís throne, he took a mighty army across St. Georgeís Channel and conquered Ireland, subsequently marrying the Irish King's daughter, Catanance, by whom he was to have three children: Aguisant, Meriadoc and Orwen. He became an early Knight of the Round Table and some say he was King Arthurís nephew, the son of one of his half-sisters. This, however, did not prevent him from joining the first wave of rebellion against his uncle, pledging 5,000 mounted men to the effort and fight≠ing in the Battle of Bedegraine (possibly Bedenham in Hampshire). He was, however, reconciled with the British King before the second rebellion. His lands had been invaded by Saxons and he was forced to swear loyalty to Arthur in order to expel them.

Sir Carados appears as a Knight of the Round Table during the attempt to heal Sir Urre and also sat in judgement of King Anguish of Ireland when Sirs Bleoberis and Blamore accused him for murder. He fought in Arthur's wars against the Roman Empire, King Claudas, King Mark of Cornwall and the treacherous Sir Lancelot. His sojourns at the British Court, led him to relinquish control of his Kingdom to his brother, Griffin, retaining only the ceremonial title for himself. Griffin, however, grew covetous of the throne and joined the rebellion of the evil Sir Mordred. At the Battle of Camlann, Carados fought against Mordred's ally, King Heliades, and each was mortally wounded. After his death, the Saxons quickly overran his defenceless kingdom.


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