St. Ceingar
(Born c.AD 460)
(Welsh: Ceingar; Latin: Cegincara; English: Keyncara)

Princess Ceingar was one of the many daughters of King Brychan of Brycheiniog (Brecknockshire) in Wales, and she grew up with the rest of his vast family at the Royal & Christian Court at Garthmadrun (Talgarth). She eventually married the warrior king, Gwynllyw Farfog (the Bearded), from adjoining Gwynllwg. The two would have known each other well, for Gwynllyw was the widower of Ceingar's elder sister, Gwladys. Her step-children were already adults, but Ceingar soon had her own family, becoming the mother of St. Cynidr of Glasbury. Nothing else seems to be known about her. She is supposed to have founded a church called Llech Maelienydd in Maelienydd, although this is unidentified and could be a mistake. Her real church may be at Kentchurch in Herefordshire. It was first dedicated to a St. Cein and this lady is usually assumed to have been Ceingar's sister of that name. However, considering the proximity of her son's foundation at Kenderchurch, a dedication to Ceingar seems more likely.

Records of St. Ceingar date back to the 11th century. She is generally considered apocryphal.


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