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Ceretic Guletic, King of Strathclyde
(Born c.AD 415)
(Welsh: Caradog; Latin: Caratacus; English: Caractacus)

Ceretic Guletic (the Land-Holder or Imperator) was King of Strathclyde in the early 5th century. His ancestry does not descent from any of the typical British "founder-gods" and may therfore be considered as more reliable. His grandfather & great grandfather appear to have born Roman names, Quintillius & Clemens respectively, so he may hail from a tribe of confederated Roman allies. He ruled his Kingdom from the citadel on Dumbarton Rock, or Alcluith as it was then known, and it was here that he received a letter from St. Patrick accusing him of making off with several of his Irish converts. He was succeeded by his son, Cinuit.


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