Ceretic Guletic, King of Strathclyde
(Born c.AD 415)
(Welsh: Caradog; Latin: Coroticus; English: Craddock)

Ceretic Guletic (the Land-Holder or Imperator) was King of Strathclyde in the early 5th century. His ancestry does not descent from any of the typical British "founder-gods" and may therfore be considered as more reliable. His grandfather & great grandfather appear to have born Roman names, Quintillius & Clemens respectively, so he may hail from a tribe of confederated Roman allies. He ruled his Kingdom from the citadel on Dumbarton Rock, or Alcluith as it was then known, and it was here that he received a letter from St. Patrick accusing him of making off with several of his Irish converts. He was succeeded by his son, Cinuit.

Records of King Ceretig date back to the 5th century. He is generally considered historic.


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