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St. Ciwa (alias Kew) -  Nash Ford PublishingSt. Ciwa Wryry
(alias St. Kew)

(6th century)
(Welsh: Cywa; Latin: Civa; English: Kew)

St. Kew the Virgin was a Welsh girl from Gwent, where she founded the church of Llangiwa. She was the sister of St. Dochau and travelled through Glastening (Somerset) - founding the church of Kewstoke on the way -  to Lannohou (St. Kew) in Cerniw (Cornwall) to see him. However, Dochau would not admit Ciwa until she had rid the region of a man-eating bear (or boar). She is said to have tamed the creature which then became her companion (though more recent tradition says that she inspired the locals to hunt it down and kill it). Ciwa was thus allowed to build herself a small hermitage and chapel near her brother's, but she wisely chose a site more protected from wildlife attacks. She died on 8th February (year unknown) and was subsequently remembered more fondly than Dochau. The present village of St. Kew grew up around her church.


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