Edelig Edeligion, King of Edeligion
(Born c.AD 470)
(Latin: Edelicus; English: Edlick)

Not much is known about King Glywys of Glywysing's younger son, Edelig. He inherited the most eastern portion of Glywysing which became known as Edeligion after him. He is mentioned briefly in the Life of St. Cadog, but is best known from the Life of St. Cybi. This latter saint settled in Edeligion for a while during the late 5th century, but he was not welcomed by the King, who tried to have him ejected. Cybi repremanded poor Edelig so, that he felt obliged to give him enough land to found two churches at Llangybi-on-Usk and Llanddyfrwyr-yn-Edeligion.

Records of King Edelig date back to the 11th century. He may well be historic.


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