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Eliffer Gosgorddfawr, King of Ebrauc
(Welsh: Eliffer; Latin: Eleutherius; English: Oliver)

King Arthuis of Ebrauc's son and main successor, Eliffer Gosgorddfawr - of the Great Army - took his epithet from his armed followers who were legendary throughout Britain in the mid-6th century. They were thought to be unbeatable when allied to the armies of Rheged and Gododdin. It was these infantry spearmen who kept the incoming Anglian settlers under control on the edge of Eliffer's territory.

Eliffer married Erfiddyl, daughter of King Cynfarch Oer of North Rheged, and they had three children: Peredur Arueu Dur, Gwrgi and Ceindrych Benasgel (the Wing-Headed). They are supposed to have been triplets.


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