Erb, King of Gwent & Glywysing
(Latin: Urbanus, English: Urban)

Erb was the son of King Meurig ap Caradog's son, Erbig. Nothing is known of his life, but he appears to have been the last King of a united Greater Gwent. It may have been during Erb's reign that King Cynan Garwyn of Powys invaded Glywysing & Gwent after conquering Brycheiniog. However, the monks of Llancarfan managed to negotiate peace. After Erb's death in the mid-6th century, his Kingdom was divided between his young sons: Nynnio became King of Gwent & Glywysing and Peibio, King of Ergyng.

Records of King Erb date back to the 6th century. He is generally considered historic.


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