St. Erc
6th Century
(Welsh: Erg; Latin: Ercus; English: Erth)

St. Erc came from Lilcach in Ireland. He entered the Church and became Bishop of Slane and a friend of St. Patrick who said of him:
Bishop Erc,
Whatever he judged was rightly judged:
Whosoever gives a just judgement
Shall receive the blessing of Bishop Erc.

In later life, he followed his brother, St. Euny, and his sister, St. Ia, to Cornwall. He settled at St. Erth, just south-east of the latter's home (St. Ives) where he probably died, on 31st October, and was buried. William of Worcester confuses him with St. Eorcenwald and claims he was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral in London. His feast day, in Ireland, has been pushed forward to 2nd November to avoid the clash with All Saints' Day. Erc should not be confused with St. Urith.

Records of St. Erc date back to the 13th century. He is generally considered legendary.


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