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St. Fracan, King of Cerniw
(Born c.AD 482)
(Welsh: Fragan; Latin: Bracanus; English: Bracan)

The name is equivalent to the Welsh Brychan. Certainly a cousin of King Cado of Dumnonia, it seems most likely that Fracan was a younger son of King Salom of Cerniw (Cornwall). He probably inherited his father's kingdom shortly before he left Britain, with his wife, Gwen Teirbron (the Triple-Breasted) and their children. A pestilence was spreading through their kingdom around AD 507 and they were forced to flee. They landed on the Gouet Estuary in Brittany and Fracan established a large estate now named after him, at Ploufragan. He went on to found a church there and at Saint-Frégan (near Lesneven). Hence his saintly reputation.

Fracan once had a stormy argument with King Riwal Mawr Marchou of Domnonée concerning the speed of their two horses. Fracan organised a race, but there was an accident and his jockey was injured. Luckily however, his son, St. Winwaloe, was on hand to heal the poor lad.

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