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Sir Galleron
Arthurian Literary Character

Galleron was the King of Galloway in south-west Scotland. Presumably the area was thought to be named after him. Galleron was no friend of King Arthur, who annexed his lands and gave them to Sir Gawain, presumably because he already ruled the adjoining Kingdom of Lothian. The exiled Galleron rode to Rondoles Hall (perhaps Randalholme near Alston in Northumberland), where Arthur and his knights were staying and challenged all comers to a duel for the return of his kingdom. Gawain, naturally, agreed to the fight and the two met at Plumpton, north of Penrith. At first, Galleron seemed to have the upper hand, but then Gawain made a comeback, so Galleron killed his horse from underneath him. The two continued to fight for hours and, though both severely wounded, neither grew close to victory. Eventually, Galleron yielded however, and, out of the great respect he had earned from Gawain, he was given back his kingdom. King Arthur then made Galleron a Knight of the Round Table. In later years, he was one of those who joined Sir Mordred's conspiracy to catch Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere in flagrante delicto. When they were successful, Galleron was, unfortunately, killed by Lancelot outside the Queen's bedchamber.

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