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Garbonian, King of Bryneich
(Born c.AD 390)
(Welsh: Garbonian; Latin: Germanus; English: Carbon)

The son of King Coel Hen (the Old) of Northern Britain. Upon, Coel's death around AD 420, his kingdoms appears to have been divided amongst his several sons. Garbonian was given the kingdom along the north-east coastline, what we today call Northumberland, but was then known as Bryneich. Nothing else is known of him for sure, but along with his brother, King Ceneu, he would have been obliged to accept the help Anglian mercenaries in keeping invading Picts from his kingdom, under the pro-Saxon policies of High-King Vortigern. He never did get rid of them and they quickly began to settle around the Royal Palace at Din-Guardi (Bamburgh). The Anglians mispronounced their knew country 'Bernicia'. Geoffrey of Monmouth appears to place Garbonian, with his brother, Ceneu, at King Arthur's coronation; but this would have taken place almost a hundred years after their time. At his death, Garbonian was succeeded by his son, Dumnagual Moilmut.


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