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Prince Gwalchafed of Gododdin
(Born c.AD 500)
(Welsh: Gwalchafed; Latin: Walgabetius; English: Gareth)

According to Welsh sources, Gwalchafed, meaning Falcon of Summer, was the son of Gwyar (alias King Lot of Lothian) and younger brother of the celebrated warrior, Gawain, with whom he served at the court of their maternal uncle, the High-King Arthur. Some historians think him to be the original Sir Galahad. However, a precursor of one of Gawain's brothers named in later literary sources -  Agravaine, Gaheris and Gareth - would seem more likely. There is no need to choose between the last two whose names are so similar to Gwalchafed though. They appear to originally have been the same person.


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