Gurgust Ledlum, King of Greater Rheged
(Born c.AD 420)
(Welsh: Gwrwst; Latin: Gurgustus; English: Fergus)

Gurgust the Ragged, the son of King Ceneu of Northern Britain, was supposedly the ruler of a huge kingdom that covered the whole of modern North-West England. It would have stretched from Hadrian's Wall above Caer-Ligualid (Carlisle) all the way down Caer-Legion (Chester) on the border with Powys. He ruled in the mid 5th century but nothing else is known of him. He was, however, apparently succeeded by his son, Meirchion Gul.

Records of Gurgust Ledlum date back to the 11th century. He is generally considered apocryphal.


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