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Sir Hebes le Renoumes
Arthurian Literary Character

A relative of Sir Lancelot's, Sir Hebes the Renwoned was a messenger at the court of King Faramon of Gaul. He was sent to Cornwall to deliver a love letter to Sir Tristram from the King's daughter; and returned to join the Cornishman's entourage after the Princess had pined away for his love. He became Tristram's squire, but remained in Britain when his lord was sent to incognito Ireland. Hebes followed, later with Sir Gawain, in order to attend the Lady of the Launds' tournament. He was able to persuade Tristram to knight him when he saw through his disguise but promised to keep quiet. Hebes stayed with Sir Tristram at the Irish Court of King Anguish and was able to watch over him during his very uneasy deception. When Queen Isolde discovered that Tristram was the knight who had killed her brother, Sir Hebes had to bodily intervene to prevent her from murdering him in his bath. He returned to Britain with Tristram and stayed after his death, becoming a Knight of the Round Table at King Arthur's Court. He accompanied his cousin, Sir Lancelot, into exile during the break with Arthur and was made Earl of Comminges as a reward for his support.

A variant story tells how Sir Hebes was tragically killed by Sir Tristram when he was forced to switch shields with Sir Palomides after being defeated in a fight. Tristram was the latter's great rival in their love for Lady Isolde and wanted nothing more than his death. Seeing Hebes ride towards him bearing Palomides arms, Sir Tristram ran his friend through with a lance. Sir Gaheris recovered his body and had him buried.


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