Iaun Reith, King of Cornouaille
(Born c.AD 420)
(Welsh: Sion; Latin: Johannes; English: John)

Iaun appears in the Cartularies of Quimperlé, Quimper and Landévennec, as well as the life of St. Melor. He may been the historic original of the legendary King Aldrien of Brittany.

Tradition tells us that Iaun was a nobleman of royal descent from "beyond the seas", probably Dumnonia. Feeling the pressure of raids from Frisians settling in Wessex, he fitted out a fleet and crossed with his followers to Cornouaille. He is said to have established a reputation as a just ruler and his people gave him an epithet meaning Law-Giver. He was eventually succeeded on the Throne of Cornouaille by his son, Daniel Dremrudd.

Records of Iaun Reith date back to the 12th century. He could well be historic.


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