Idris Gawr, King of Meirionydd
(Latin: Idrus; English: Ider)

One of the later Kings of Meirionydd, Idris ap Gwyddno, is remembered today by the great mountain of Cadair Idris - "Idris' Chair" - that dominates Meirionydd. Idris the Giant was said to have been so large that he could sit upon this mountain and survey his kingdom, though his real epithet may have been Arw (the Coarse). The story may derive from Idris having retired to a small hermitage on the mountain. His grave, Gwely Idris, is also said to lie up there. He must have re-entered secular life before his death, however, as Idris was killed fighting King Oswald of Northumbria on the Severn in 632. He was succeeded by his son, Sualda.

Records of King Idris date back to the 10th century. He is generally considered historic.


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