Mael Maelienydd, King of Maelienydd
(Born c.AD 470)
(Latin: Maglus; English: Male)

Mael appears as 'Millo map Camuir' in the pedigree of the descendants of Brydw in the Harleian MS.3859. It is not stated which kingdom the dynasty ruled, but it would have been somewhere in the Powys region, from where the whole family originated. 

He seems to be identifiable with Mael, 'Duke' of Maelienydd (in north-east Radnorshire) who appears in the life of St. Curig Lwyd as granting land to Maelgwn the Monk. The kingdom was probably named after him, though Bartrum says it is derived from the personal name, Maelien: perhaps an alternative form of Mael.

It is unclear  how long his descendants remained independent of Greater Powys. They may have eventually become subordinate to the Princes of Fferreg, established in the same area by a younger branch of the Royal House of Gwent. Mael's family certainly appear to have held positions of influence into the early 7th century. He was succeeded by his son, Cynin.

Records of King Mael date back to the 11th century. He is generally considered legendary.


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