Meilir Meilirion, King of Meilirion
(Born. c.AD 460)
(Latin: Malorius; English: Malor)

Melir was the eldest of the sons of Gwron ap Cunedda, otherwise known as King Ysfael Gwron (the Hero), King of Ysfeilion on Ynys Mon (Anglesey). He and his brothers, Cynyr and Yneigr, joined forces with their cousin, King Cadwallon Llawhir of Gwynedd to drive the Irish out of Ynys Mon (Anglesey) and back across the western sea. Their success led to complete Welsh rule over the island but, though Meilir's kingdom in the east may have initially expanded and been renamed Meilirion in his honour, later generations were to lose ground to their Gwynedd allies. His son, Cynyr was probably King after his death, but for how many generations the title endured is uncertain.

Records of King Meilir date back to the 13th century. He is generally considered legendary.


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