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Meirchion Meirionydd,
King of Meirionydd

(Born c.AD 435)
(Latin: Marcianus; English: Mark)

Meirchion was the son of Cunedda Wledig's eldest boy, Typipion. Typipion had died some years prior to Cunedda's migration south from Manau Gododdin, so it was left to Meirchion to take his father's place in fighting the invading Irish. He killed their leader, Beli mac Benlli Gawr (the Giant), and drove them from North Wales. As a reward, his grandfather handed over to him, the area that became known as Meirionydd in his honour. Meirchion ruled wisely for many years and had three sons: Cadwaladr, Cadwallon & Bleiddud. The dynasty continued under the shadow of Gwynedd for several centuries.


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