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Sir Osanain Braveheart
Arthurian Literary Character

Osanain (also called Oswain, Osoman or Ozanna) was the son of Lady Largina who had liaisons with both Kings Esclabor of Babylon and Amorotto (alias Lamorak) of Listinoise, so his father is uncertain. Elsewhere he is given as the son of Quinados Braveheart. He was an early associate of Sir Meleagant of the Summer Country and assisted him in the kidnap of Queen Guinevere. When she was eventually rescued by Sir Lancelot, Osanain was one of those imprisoned by King Arthur. He was later forgiven and fought for Arthur against King Ryons of Outre Ombre, as well as taking part in the Grail Quest. He eventually fell in love with Lady Losanna of the Ancient Tower and slew her fiancée, Lanfate. Afterwards, he was obliged to guard a bridge for her and kill her rival, a maiden named Tessina. However, Sir Tristram discovered his plans and killed him first.

The similarity of names, his being a former Arthurian adversary and the bridge associations suggest that he should be identified with the Arthurian warrior of Welsh legend called Osla Big-Knife. Osla was originally one of King Arthur's enemies whom defeated at the Battle of Mount Badon. Being reconciled after the battle, Osla accompanied the King on his famous hunt for the great boar, Twrch Trwyth. He was best known for his huge knife called Bronllafyn (meaning 'Short-Broad') which he could lay over any body of water for an army to cross. However, arriving at the River Severn, he lost his knife, the huge scabbard filled with water and dragged with to his death at the bottom of the river. He was presumably an Anglo-Saxon, identified by his prominent Seax.

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