St. Ouine
(Born c.AD 601)
(Welsh: Owaine; Latin: Eugenia; English: Eugenie)

St. Ouine du Mans should probably be identified with St. Ouenne, one of the many saintly daughters of King Judhael of Domnonée and sister of the renowned Saints Judicael and Judoc. Her relics were placed, on some forgotten occasion, in the crypt of the church of St. Victor at Le Mans, where she now works miracles in favour of the deaf. She is locally supposed to have been named Ouine on account of her patronage of the sense of hearing (Ouie), but it seems more likely that her name is a Celtic form of Eugenia. The metamorphosis has merely led deaf persons, more than others, to seek her intercession. Her feast day is 7th June.

Edited from Agnes Dunbar's 'A Dictionary of Saintly Women' (1904).


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