Owain Danwyn, King of Rhos
(Born c.AD 460)
(Latin: Eugenius; English: Owen)

Owain White-Tooth evidently had sparkling teeth: no doubt an extreme feature in late 5th century society. After the death of Einion Yrth (the Impetuous), the Kingdom of Gwynedd appears to have been divided between at least two of his sons, in the usual Welsh manner. Owain appears to have recieved the short straw and become King of the lesser eastern realm of what is now called Rhos (its original name is uncertain). He appears to have lived in harmony with his elder brother, Cadwallon Lawhir (Long-Hand) of Gwynedd. However, upon the latter's demise, it seems that relations with his son, Maelgwn Gwynedd, were somewhat strained. St. Gildas' writings indicate that this led to Owain's eventual assassination. Maelgwn was then able to assert himself as overlord of Owain's eldest son, Cynlas Goch, and the Kingdom of Rhos. Owain's other sons included SS. Einion, Seiriol and Meirchion.

Records of King Owain date back to the 11th century. He is probably historic.


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