Pasgen, King of Buellt & Gwerthrynion
(Born c.AD 406)
(Latin: Pascentius; English: Pascent)

Pasgen was the third son of the British High-King, Vortigern Vorteneu (the Thin). Though their father was deposed, Pasgen along with other members of his family, seems to have reached an agreement with the new ruler of Britain, Ambrosius Aurelianus, whereby they were able to retain the major part of their family’s lands. Pasgen was thus recognised as King of the Powysian mountains around Buellt and the little sub-kingdom of Gwerthrynion, named after his father.

Geoffrey of Monmouth adds that Pasgen later rebelled against Ambrosius, however, and twice attempted to overrun the island with help from the Anglo-Saxons and the Irish. Pasgen was eventually killed by Uthyr Pendragon at the Battle of Mynyw (St. Davids). If this insurrection happened, his son, Briacad, was still allowed to retain his kingdoms, probably establishing a capital at Caer-Beris, where a dynasty was founded that lasted well into the 8th century.

Records of King Pasgen date back to the 9th century. He is generally considered historic.


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