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Sir Petipace of Winchelsea
Arthurian Literary Character

While out on a quest to retrieve a white hound stolen from King Arthur's court, Sir Tor encountered and fought Sir Petipace of Winchelsea. In defeat, Petipace was sent to Camelot, where he became a loyal knight and was eventually raised to the Order of the Round Table. Petipace’s downfall came when he joined Sirs Mordred and Agravaine in their plot to catch Lancelot and Guinevere in bed together; for he was cut-down by Lancelot outside the Queen’s apartments.

This man’s name has clearly been invented to serve as a legendary ancestor of the famous Fettiplace (sometimes Phettiplace) family. They owned numerous manors in the south of England, but these were almost entirely in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. So why Petipase should be associated with a small town in Sussex is a mystery.


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