Prince Sandde of Ceredigion
(Born c.AD 469)
(Latin: Xanthus; English: Sant)

Prince Sandde was apparently one of the younger sons of King Ceredig Ceredigion, though he is sometimes named as his grandson (son of Cedig ap Ceredig). He was given a small area of Ceredigion to rule by his father and, in his early years, lived up to his saintly name by founding several churches there. However, while travelling through Dyfed at the very beginning of the 6th century, he met a young nun, named Non, who was so beautiful that he could not suppress his lust for her. Sandde seduced the poor girl (or worse) and she thus became the mother of St. Dewi (David).

Records of Sandde date back to the 11th century. He is generally considered legendary.


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