St. Santan
(Born c.AD 500)
(Welsh: Sannan; Latin: Sanctanus; English: Sanctan)

Prince Santan was the son of King Sawyl Penuchel (the Arrogant) of the Southern Pennines by his first wife, Deichter the daughter of King Muiredach of Ulster. In adulthood, he travelled north-west to Rheged, where he founded a number of churches. He then crossed the Irish Sea to the land of his mother, stopping on Ynys Manw (Isle of Man) and establishing the church at Santon en route. When he reached Ireland, he compiled a hymn whilst seeking out his brother, St. Madog, on Ynys Matoc (Inis Mogue in Templeport Lake, Leitrim). He became Bishop of Cill-da-Les which appears to be Kilnasantan in County Dublin. He died on 9th May.

Records of St. Santan date back to the 12th century. He may possibly be historic.


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