Tewdwr Brycheiniog, King of Brycheiniog
(Born c.AD 870)
(Latin: Theodorus; English: Theodore)

Tewdwr Brycheiniog was grandson of King Elisedd. He lived in the early 10th century at a time when Brycheiniog appears to have lost some of its independence to the domineering Kingdom of Deheubarth, under Hywel Dda. He held court in the middle of Llyn Syfaddan (Llangorse Lake) on the only known crannog (artificial island dwelling) to have been discovered in Wales. It was a short lived Royal Residence, being established around 900, yet destroyed by raiding Englishmen sixteen years later. They forced their way into the Royal presence and made of with both the Queen of Brycheiniog and thirty-three of her courtiers. Tewdr's name appears as a signatory on English Land Charters from King Athelstan's reign (934). He was eventually succeeded by his son, Gwylog, followed by his grandson, Elisedd, and the latter's son, Gruffudd.

Records of King Tewdwr date back to the 10th century. He is an historic personage


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