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Sir Tor
Arthurian Literary Character

Sir Tor was the son of King Pellinore of Listinoise by the wife of King Ares of Autice. Ares thought he was his own son and raised him as such. On King Arthur's wedding day, he brought Tor to Camelot and asked that he be knighted. This Arthur did and Merlin subsequently revealed Tor's true heritage. He was immediately sent off to recover a Royal hound stolen by Sir Abelleus, whom he was obliged to behead. After the Battle of the Humber against an alliance of northern and foreign monarchs, King Arthur made Tor a Knight of the Round Table in recognition of his bravery there. Later, his wife was, unfortunately, found to be unfaithful through the use of a magic mantle. Tor became a companion of Sir Lancelot, but was later killed by his friend during his rescue of Queen Guinevere from being burning at the stake in Carlisle.

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