Tutgual, King of Galloway
(Born c.AD 467)
(Welsh: Tudwal; Latin: Theodovellaunus; English: Theowald)

Though the ancestry of King Tutgual is quite confused, he is clearly made a brother of King Dumnagual Hen of Strathclyde and would, therefore, appear to have inherited the lesser part of the kingdom of Strathclyde upon his father Cinuit's death in the late 5th century.

His kingdom included not only Galloway, but Ynys Manaw (the Isle of Man) as well. He was a pagan king, best known for appearance in the Life of St. Ninian by Aelred of Rievaulx, where he is said to have opposed the saint's settlement at Whithorn. He was succeeded by his son, Dingat.

Records of King Tutgual date back to the 11th century. He may well have been historic.


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