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St. Weluela alias St. Gulval
(Born c.AD 496)
(Welsh: Woluela; Latin: Velvela; English: Wilgitha)

Weluela is a more correct form of the name commonly given in Cerniw (Cornwall) as Gulval. She was born of noble parents, the daughter of Lord Perphir from Penychen (in South Wales). She was part of a large family of nine brothers amongst them Paul, Pautel, Nautel and Bana as well as three sisters herself, Aude and Sadfyl. Their mother died when several of them were still teenagers. Their father married again and they settled in Halstock (in Dorset) and then Caer Uisc (Exeter) in eastern Dumnonia. However, after her sisters, Aude and Sadfyl, were murdered - ultimately by their step-mother - Weluela evidently felt it prudent to move away.

She travelled far and eventually settled as a reclusive nun at Laniskly (Gulval) in Cerniw, overlooking Mount's Bay. Next to nothing is known of her, other than the fact that her feast day is 12th November. However, she is almost certainly the sister whom St. Paul is recorded to have visited, although she is mistakenly named as Sadfyl. This sister was concerned by the encroachment of the sea and asked her brother for help. He bade her place a line of pebbles along the shoreline and spent the night praying for divine help. In the morning, the pebbles had miraculously transformed into huge boulders and the eroding power of the sea was broken. Paul is said to have afterwards moved on to Staverton on the edge of Dartmoor, (in Devon) where he dedicated St. Gulval's Well at adjoining Ashburton to his sister. 


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