St. Wenna of Talgarth
(Born c.AD 463)
(Welsh: Gwen; Latin: Genuissa; English: Gwen)

Her name in Welsh is simply, Gwen. St. Wenna (the Cornish version of her name) was one of the many daughters of King Brychan Brycheiniog. She founded the church at Talgarth in her home kingdom before joining her brother, St. Nectan, and other siblings in evangelizing Northern Kernow (Cornwall). There she founded the church of St. Wenn (near Bodmin) and chapels at St. Kew and Cheristowe (in Stoke-by-Hartland, where she could be near her brother). She died on 18th October, apparently murdered by pagans on a return visit to Talgarth, but the year is unknown. She should not be confused with her contemporary, St. Wenna, Queen of Kernow (Cornwall), whose church was at Morval.

Records of St. Wenna date back to the 12th century. Sh is generally considered legendary.


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