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Sir Yvain the Bastard
Arthurian Literary Character

Yvain was the illegitimate son of King Uriens of Gore, by the wife of his seneschel. He should not be confused with his legitimate half-brother of the same name (though lacking the epithet) with whom he was great friends. Despite their father rebelling against King Arthur's overlordship, the two Yvains travelled to the high-king's court to join the king's army. Yvain the Bastard served with King Arthur against the Saxons and was knighted for his brave service. He later took part in the Gaulish wars against Rome, after they demanded tribute from Britain; against the Gaulish King Claudas who was invading Benoic and Gannes; and against the invasions of King Galehaut of Sorelais. Sir Yvain the Bastard was a companion of Gawain and Galahad during the Grail Quest and helped the former and his brother, Gareth, liberate the oppressed people of the Castle of Maidens (possibly Edinburgh Castle) by killing the seven evil knights ruling there. He was, unfortunately, eventually killed by Sir Gawain when the two anonymously met in a joust.

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