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Dunster Castle
where King Arthur couldn't beat the Dragon.

St. Carannog & the Dragon at Dunster Castle -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • This is an old story told about King Arthur and Dunster Castle in Somerset. It was first written down in the 12th century.

* * *

  • Carannog was a Welsh prince from Ceredigion. He refused to be king and became a hermit instead.
  • Later he decided to go to Dumnonia (the West Country) to tell everyone about Jesus and the Bible.
  • He used to carry a small stone altar around with him. He threw it into the sea and it miraculously floated. So he followed it in his boat across the Bristol Channel.
  • Carannog landed at Dunster (Somerset) but he had lost sight of his altar and had to go looking for it.
  • The altar had been found by King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table at Watchet. They tried to use it as a table.
  • King Arthur wanted to help his friend, the local king, Cado. He said Carannog could have his altar back if he defeated a fierce dragon that had been eating lots of people in the area.
  • The dragon ran to Carannog like a pet dog. He put it on a lead and led it into King Cado's great hall at Dunster Castle. Then he sent it away.
  • As well as returning his altar, King Arthur gave Carannog the village of Carhampton as a reward. He built a famous monastery there.
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