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Who were they?


  • The Picts were the people who lived in most of Scotland. They lived there before, during and after the Romans ruled Britain. They are thought to have been a type of Celtic people.
  • The Roman named for Scotland was Caledonia. They did not get very far into this country and never ruled over the Picts.
  • They were called 'Picts' because they painted their bodies with 'pictures': like tattoos today.
  • They spoke a language called Pictish. No-one speaks Pictish today. We know almost nothing about it.
  • The Picts are famous for their 'Symbol Stones'. The symbols may have been a type of name tag writing.
  • The Picts liked to attack the Romano-Britons.
  • During the Dark Ages, Scotland was not called 'Scotland'. It was called 'Pictland'.
  • The Scots eventually took over Pictland. The Scots of today are partly descended from the Picts.
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