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British Farms & Villages
Homes for Ordinary People n the Dark Ages

Dark Age British Farm House at Gwithian in Cornwall -  Nash Ford Publishing

  • Ordinary Britons usually lived in farms or small villages.
  • The buildings might be made of wood or stone.
  • The roofs were probably thatched with reeds or straw.
  • Some homes were rectangular, but round houses were very popular.
  • The British had lived in round houses before the Romans took over. Round houses have no corners which need stronger materials.
  • The houses had only one floor and one room.
  • Archaeologists have dug up the remains of several British farms. The picture is of one found at Gwithian in Cornwall. Another found at Pant-y-Saer on Anglesey (in Wales) also had some rectangular buildings and a wall round it.
  • There were hearths inside where the people could make a fire to cook on and to keep them warm.
  • Ordinary people probably didn't have much furniture.
  • They kept their animals near the house. What animals can you see in the picture? Does the picture show evidence of any animals not shown?
  • Some ordinary Britons lived in similar buildings near the 'great halls' of their lord or king.
  • Remains of villages are hard for archaeologists to find. This is because there are still villages in the same places today.
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