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Bishops of Tawton & Crediton
A Pre-Conquest Listing

In 905 the Diocese of Tawton was split off from that of Sherborne
Bishops of Tawton  
Werstan 905-909
Putta 909-912
In 912 the Diocese of Tawton was transferred to Crediton. 
Bishops of Crediton
Edwulf 912-939
Aethelgar 939-953
Aelfwold I 953-973
Sideman 973-978
Aelfric 978-986
Aelfwold II 986-987
Aelfwold III 987-1013
Ednoth 1013-1027
Lyfing 1027-1046
Leofric 1046-1050
In 1050 the Diocese of Crediton & St. Germans were formally united and transferred to Exeter  
Bishop of Exeter
Leofric 1050-1072


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