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Bishops of Sherborne
A Pre-Conquest Listing

Prior to 705, Sherborne was part of the Diocese of Winchester

Bishops of Sherborne
Aldhelm 705-709
Forthere 709-736
Herewald 736-c.770
Aethelmod c.770-793
Denefrith 793-c.797
Wigbert c.797-c.820
Aelfstan c.820-868
Heahmund 868-c.874
Aethelheah c.874-c.884
Wulfsige I c.884-c.896
Asser c.896-909
Between 905 & 909, the Diocese of Wells and Crediton were split from that of Sherborne.
Aethelweard 909-909
Werstan 909-c.918
Aethelbald c.918-c.925
Sigehelm c.925-933
Alfred 933-c.941
Wulfsige II c.941-c.961
Aelfwold I c.961-979
Aethelsige I 979-993
Wulfsige III 993-1002
Aethelric 1002-1012
Aethelsige II 1012-c.1015
Brihtwine I c.1015-1017
Aelfmaer 1017-1023
Brihtwine II 1023-1045
Aelfwold II 1045-1058
Herman 1058-1078

In 1078, the Diocese was transferred to Sailsbury.


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