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Bishops of Winchester
A Pre-Conquest Listing

Bishops of Wessex  
Birinus (St.) 634-c.650
Agilbert (St.) c.650-660
Wine 660-670
Leuthere 670-676
Haedda (St.) 676-c.705
In c.705 the Diocese of Wessex was divided between Winchester and Sherborne
Bishops of Winchester  
Daniel c.705-744
Hunfrith 744-756
Cynhard 756-c.762
Aethelhard c.762-c.765
Egbald c.765-c.782
Dudd c.782-c.784
Cynbert c.784-802
Ealhmund 802-c.810
Wigthegn (joint) c.810-836
Herefrith (joint) c.815-c.835
Eadhun c.835-838
Helmstan 838-852
Swithun (St.) 852-865
Ealferth 865-c.874
Tunbert c.874-878
Denewulf 878-909
In 909 the Diocese of Ramsbury & Sonning was split from that of Winchester
Frithestan (St.) 909-931
Birstan (St.) 931-934
Aelfheah I (St. Alphege the Bald) 934-951
Aelfsige I 951-958
Brithelm 958-963
Aethelwold I (St.) 963-984
Aelfheah II (St. Alphege) 984-1006
Cenwulf 1006-1006
Aethelwold II 1006-1012
Aelfsige II 1012-1032
Aelfwin 1032-1047
Stigand 1047-1070


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