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King Aergol Lawhir of Dyfed -  Nash Ford PublishingAergol Lawhir,
King of Dyfed

(Born c.AD 437)
(Latin: Agricola; English: Agricola)

The son and heir of King Triffyn Farfog, Aergol Lawhir or Long-Handed held court at Lis Castell (Lydstep) near Din Bych (Tenby). He may possibly have had a second residence at Castell Argoel in Dyfed. Aergol was supposedly a great benefactor of the church (later the Cathedral) at Llandaff in the late 5th century; certainly, he was patron of the great Bishops of Glywysing, SS. Teilo and Euddogwy. The latter's father, King Budic II of Brittany, had found refuge at Aergol's Court when expelled from his own country. While the former brought order to Aergol's boisterous Royal hall by sending his followers, Llywel and Fidelis, as a calming influence. At some point, Aergol was in conflict with King Cynan Garwyn of Powys. Their two armies clashed at Crug Dyfed, but the outcome is not recorded. Aergol is remembered by the, usually critical, Gildas as a "good king".


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