Triffyn Farfog, King of Dyfed
(Born c.AD 430)
(Latin: Tribunus; English: Tribune)

Triffyn mac Aed Brosc was apparently the first King of Dyfed from the House of Eochaid Allmuir. This leading family from the tribe of the Déssi had crossed the Irish Sea three generations earlier, probably in mid-4th century Roman Britain, to settle in West Wales (See Aed Brosc's Ancestry). Triffyn the Bearded appears to have married Gwledyr, the sister and heiress of the British King of Dyfed, Clodri, in the mid-5th century. Together, they inherited the kingdom. As the Latin form of Tryffyn's name, 'Tribune', is the title of a Roman official, it may indicate that his family was brought over by the Roman administration to help protect the area against invading fellow Hibernians. He was succeeded by his son, Aergol Lawhir.

Records of King Triffyn date back to the 10th century. He could well be historic.


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