Conomor, King of Dumnonia
(Born c.AD 395)
(Welsh: Cynfor; Latin: Cunomorus; English: Cunomor)

He succeeded his father, Tutwal, and may have been the first of the Dumnonian Kings to live at Castle Dore, near Lantyan (Cornwall). A memorial stone nearby records the burial place of his son, Drustan - perhaps the man called Tristram in Arthurian literature. This name association, along with a mistaken identification of  his evil great grandson, King Marc, with the Breton Prince Conomor, has led to some unnecessary confusion of disparate characters. Conomor of Dumnonia was succeeded by his son, Constantine Corneu.

The name Conomor is recorded in several king lists dating back to the 11th century. Nothing else is known of him for certain but he appears to be historic.


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