Constantine Corneu, King of Dumnonia
(Born c.AD 411)
(Welsh: Custennin; Latin: Constantinus; English: Constantine) 

Constantine succeeded his father, Conomor, in the early 5th century. His epithet is a form of Kernow and means 'of Cornwall'. Some late sources say that one of his sons was Uther Pendragon, High-King of Britain and father of King Arthur. However, this is probably due to confusion with Constantine's supposed distant cousin and namesake, the short lived Emperor of Britain and Gaul and the so-called King of Brittany. Constantine Corneu died in 443, when, following Celtic tradition, his Kingdom appears to have been divided between his two sons, Erbin and Merion.

Constantine Corneu is recorded in an 11th century king list. Nothing else is known of him for certain but he could be historic.

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